There is a surprisingly limited amount of literature dedicated to the question of how to go about memorising music. However, there are various books, book chapters, journals, magazines and web resources that touch on the subject to varying degrees of depth. Some are aimed at students, some at teachers, some at academics. But by collating information from different sources of literature, each inspired by different musical and instrumental traditions, I hope to be able to find some common themes about creating and maintaining musical memory.

As part of this project – and in my personal quest to understand and improve my own musical memory – I’ll be delving into as much literature as I can get my hands on, as well as lectures, websites and TV/radio programs. This project should complement the interview program, as well as a sporadic log of my own personal experiences of memorising (and forgetting!) music. I expect to draw on diverse sources ranging from pedagogical literature, biographical material, performance guides, ethnomusicology, musical psychology and neuroscience. If you know of any particularly good literature that I should review, please do get in touch

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